Meet Meredith!

She has worked at Curtis Orthodontics since 2011.
She lives in Sycamore with her husband Dominick, her beautiful daughter Vivianne and son, Teddy. Meredith is our human resource manager and treatment coordinator in the front office. 

Favorite Food: A really good seafood pasta dish or medium rare burger with a runny egg and crispy fries. 

Favorite Animal: Cheetahs – They’re so beautiful and amazing
Favorite Sports Team: Wrestling -NIU Huskies and Iowa Hawkeyes 
Favorite Part of your Job? Meeting new families and my colleagues
Favorite Dessert: Pistachio Ice Cream or Cherry Garcia
Favorite Place to Vacation: Italy- I’d go back in a minute
Summer or Winter: Summer
Beach or Mountains: Mountains
Starbucks or Dunkin: Starbucks
Camping or Resort: Camping
Celebrity Crush: Paul Newman
If you could invite one famous person to dinner, who would it be? Jackson Pollock 
Fruit or Veggies: It’s a tie- Fresh fruit and Roasted Veggies
Favorite Local Restaurant: The Forge 
If you could be a character in a movie, who would you be? Truvy- Steel Magnolias