Meet Cathi!

She has worked at Curtis Orthodontics since May of 2014.
She lives in Sycamore with her husband Gary & has four children. Cathi makes our staff laugh… a lot! Here we go!

Favorite Food: Lamb Chops

Favorite Animal: My Cat, Oscar
Favorite Sports Team: N/A
Favorite Part of your Job? Seeing Happy & Satisfied patients
Favorite Dessert: Monster Cookies
Favorite Place to Vacation: IRELAND or Cabin on a Lake
Summer or Winter: Winter
Beach or Mountains: Mountains
Starbucks or Dunkin: Starbucks
Camping or Resort: Camping
Celebrity Crush: Steven Colbert
If you could invite one famous person to dinner, who would it be? Pope Francis
Fruit or Veggies: Veggies
Favorite Local Restaurant: Turf Room
If you could be a character in a movie, who would you be? Miss Fisher