Many Insurance companies have “In network” and “Out of network” dental benefit levels.

Orthodontic benefits have their own rules and maximums and do not necessarily require you to use an “In network” provider. We have found that the orthodontic benefit is mostly the same in or out of network. However, HMO’s and discount plans will not pay their benefit to an out of network provider.

In order to keep his fees lower than the national average for all patients, whether they have dental insurance or not, Dr. Curtis does not join networks.

Many of the networks that a dentist joins require the dentist to write off part of their fees according to “usual and customary” fee schedules.

Our office is a “fee for service” provider which means that we will file your insurance for you and apply any payments from them to your outstanding balance, but we do not write off any of the fee according to the different insurance companies fee schedules.

The one exception being, many years ago Dr. Curtis became a Premier level network provider for Delta Dental, no fees are required to be written off and his network participation is renewed regularly.