You have an orthodontic concern and need treatment. What should you look for in your orthodontic practice? Consider looking at the reputation of the orthodontist. Is the orthodontist a proven expert in current techniques and all situations? Is he/she dependable? Available? Is everyone in the office actively participating in continuing education? Showing compassion and respect? Also, are the fees fair?

Is the staff friendly, polite, respectful, and available for emergencies? Are they well trained and caring? Are they fun and do they sponsor events, games and contests for the patients?

Is the practice growing and reinvesting in technology and training to meet its patient’s needs?

Does the practice actively give back to their community?

Is this practice respected throughout the region, state and beyond?

Once you have researched and answered those questions, you should call the practice that exceeds your expectations (815) 895 7660… and we will be looking forward to your call!

Dr. Todd A. Curtis – Orthodontist